Education for Landlords – Who Needs It?

Experience might be the best instructor, but a little education can help you prevent an unpleasant or expensive experience.

Retention: Have you ever watched a movie that you had seen prior to and thought to yourself “I don’t remember this scene?” Or, possibly you thought “I entirely forgot what this movie was about.” Most of us can’t remember exactly what we had for lunch the other day, not to mention remember everything we learned in a three-hour class.

We take classes for a much better understanding of laws and practices that pertain to our market. Many of us will forget within a couple of days or a couple of weeks many of exactly what we’ve found out in a class.

Source of Information: Now that we have the advantage of the web, you can discover material on any topic. There are blog sites, short articles and postings everywhere. Not all info you discover is appropriate. I’ve checked out numerous blog sites and posts giving unreliable recommendations. If you’re going to depend on details discovered on the internet, you may wish to typically look into the author or the source of the information. Much better to double-check an author’s viewpoint than to restart something that ends up being false.

Repetition: Unless you have quite a memory, you are not going to remember the all words to a song you have actually just heard one time. You’re not going to keep in mind everything you hear the very first time you take a class. Plus some classes, like fair housing, are in some cases updated and customized from one year to the next.

Competence: Just like any business, we need to have the understanding that makes us the expert in our field. Lots of property supervisors and proprietors have dealt with a tenant who has confronted them with the declaration “I know the law and the law is …” Often the tenant has no concept what the law is but will test the property manager to see if they can stump them.

There are some things you will have to learn through experience. No one individual can anticipate every circumstance they may face. But much better education can certainly assist you handle a few of the unforeseen challenges you will come across. Read MoreĀ